Toddlers, School Going Children, Teens And Young Adults

Children need to have regular check-ups and clean every 6 months. Young children under 10 need to be supervised while brushing and reinforced to brush twice a daily. Remind them to lift the lips and grin while brushing, to allow adequate contour of the brush onto the outside surfaces of all teeth.

If you have any issues regarding children not brushing, bad breath or a hole developing or being noticed at every check-up appointment, ask our dentist regarding plaque disclosing agents, the wonder solution that teaches kids to brush.

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Medicare provides financial support for basic dental service aged 2-17 years. Eligible children receive a capped $1000 each over a 2 year calendar period. No out of pocket expenses at Mentone Dental. Simply provide your Medicare card and get bulk billed.

Toddlers and School going Children
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